Oh Happy Day Goes to Paris

6 06 2011

Going to Paris is on my bucket list….so here goooooes!


I really hope I win…what a LONG SHOT hah


I’m posting this to enter a contest offered by MeridaHome at Design For Mankind! I want to win the iPad 2! (and I love Erin’s shoes!)

23 05 2011

I love Disneyland.

10 11 2009

This is my first PUBLIC post and of course I am writing in honor of my favorite place on earth right now….DISNEYLAND and California Adventure is pretty awesome too.

I’ve recently purchased an annual pass, and I am LOVING it!  If you are a socal resident…PURCHASE an annual pass immediately……they actually have monthly payment plans as little as $6 a month…..but you have to live in Southern California.

Disneyland should hire me because I have been trying to recruit annual pass holders since I got one myself.  I want people to share the joy with me AND the holiday season is starting at Disneyland soon…..looks wonderfully AMAZING….!!


Here are some picture to commemorate my Disney adventures so far….